Welcome to our world

Sonodrome is an experimental and avant-garde artistic expression platform initiated in 2001 by Jose+. We also work as a film and music production company. The initial work was as a record label dedicated to the edition of electronic and experimental sound proposals and their live exhibition, later other disciplines have been incorporated to the project: photography, video, installations... Today it continues to be an incubator for projects by Jose+ as well as other artists, always printing new ideas without any limits, whatever the discipline. Since the beginning we have participated in numerous parties, raves, festivals and exhibitions both in Spain and abroad. Also in museums, art galleries and other similar places. Since 2005 our work has been devoted almost entirely to the study of the human unconscious and its subsequent analysis. Since 2020 Sonodrome has absorbed the production company Suz-O-Suz Films to carry out film productions.

The art run through our veins

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To listen to some of our sound work you can do so at the ArchiveORG link below. For our video works you will find the Youtube link.

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